The month of September and the fear of ‘’ember’’ months

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September, the thirty days month  from a Latin word ‘’septem’’ meaning seven,it was the seventh month of Roman Catholic Calendar. As much as the new month brings joy and gladness, it also brings fear to some people who believe the month is loaded with evil, ill luck and disaster.  In history, the 9/11 attack that killed over two thousand people in America happened in September, the ”Great Fire of London” September 6, 1666 that completely destroyed old city located within ancient Rome Walls also occurred  and in September 1, 1939 Adolf Hiltler attacked Poland that led to the ‘’Second world war’’.

In some part in Nigeria, it is rumored and believed that it is a month that attract evil and bad luck, known as the beginning of ‘’ember’’ months [September to December]. As a matter of fact, some people believe it is a month that attract several accidents and ritual activities for evil people trying to make quick cash before the year runs out.

But in the real sense, the month of September is just a normal month like every other month in the world. On September 1st, 2019, the month mark the celebration of new Islamic calendar for the Muslims . In U.S, September 5th is a National Cheese Pizza Day that comes with celebration, September 9, National Teddy Bear Day in U.S, September 16th, National Play Doh Day in America and September 22, 1862 was the day Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which later ended slavery in America.

Therefore, the month of September should be seen as a good month with positive expectations and beliefs. From Greatdnews company, we wish you happy new month.


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