Signing of bill in UK: Nigerians react

Following the news posted yesterday by Greatdnews on how the President Chief of Staff took bill to Buhari in London to sign . This  has greeted mixed reactions from Nigerians. According to Yinka Odumakin (Afenifere) ,”This is evidence that Nigeria is now under one man’s rule. You can see that the National Assembly is a rubber stamp while the judiciary has been cowed.”  In same vein,the Ohanaeze Ndigbo  described the action of  Buhari as executive lawlessness. Similarly,a former President of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Malachy Ugwummadu,  said it was  unethical and  unpatriotic for the  President  to sign  a bill outside the country.

However, the presidency responded that the presidency can perform his duties from anywhere. Infact, the national chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC), Oshiomhole, said Buhari had the  right to preside over Nigeria from any part of the world.



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