See legendary things that made early childhood in the 80s and 90s highly memorable

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This is kite,this game was popular with male kids and it was fun to do.

This is sweet candy known as Ekana Gowon. Children love to lick this sweet because it is tasty.

Papa Ajasco comedy. This was a popular TV soap opera that thrilled both children and adult.  It featured Papa Ajasco,Mama Ajasco,bobo Ajasco,Pa James ,Alico,and miss Pepeye.

This is Mario game, this particular game makes children happy to the extent that some even use their money meant for meal to play the game.

Coconut Caramel a.k.a Baba Dudu,it is a chain of short sweets, wrapped in a transparent poly bag and sold by street kiosk

Kuli-kuli is a West African food that is primarily made from peanut . firstly made by the Nupe People of West African State It is a popular snack in Nigeria. This delicious food combined with garri can give you a wonderful launch.

Finally,this is circle game enjoyed by both male and female children.


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