Ronaldo’s reaction when Serbian fans chanted Messi!Messi!! to intimidate him on the field

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Cristiano Ronaldo,the  five times Ballon d’Or winner  has once again proven himself as the world best player on Saturday  night 7th,September, 2019 when he scored a fantastic goal while Serbia fans were chanting Messi!Messi !!! just to taunt him. The match ended 4-2 in favour of Portugal. Ronaldo scored the third goal  and his sensational  jubilation silenced the fans.

However, this is not the first time Ronaldo will use sensational goal to silent his opponent. In 2013, José Mourinho criticized Ronaldo that he is  not the real Ronaldo and that real Ronaldo is Delima Ronaldo of Brazil. But the Portuguese Ronaldo  proved  Mourinho wrong by scoring two fantastic goals against against his former coach to win International Champions cup in Miami.



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