Good day everyone:
How it actually happen this:

He went back to Jigawa for his PPA, & got his redeployment on Monday 13th of Jan., 2020 back to Ogun.
It’s since then he messaged a friend and told him about his redeployment back to ogun, and that he’ll be coming back to Ogun that same week.
He left JIGAWA for KANO on Tuesday in the hope of coming to Ogun that day, but we’ve not heard anything from him. None of his contacts are going through and no news of any accident. He told another friend who is in Ilorin that called him around 9p.m on Tuesday 14th that he’s presently in KANO that night and he’ll board the bus back home (Ogun state) if he can get a bus or wait till the next morning.

The other friend tried calling him the next day to ask where he is but the phone was off, up until Saturday morning that she tried again and still the same thing.

After then a call was put through to his home (family) , That’s when we realised he’s missing.

Please we call on NYSC, Federal Government, Kano Transport Association, The Nigerian Police Force and all other agencies to please help us locate him

Pls call for any information about his whereabouts – 07032507034


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