Covid-19: 6 sectors commanding attention in this lockdown

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Following the four weeks lockdown by the federal government of Nigeria in the fight against Coronavirus. It is important to look at the various sectors that has been commanding attention despite the restriction and lockdown. These sectors include:Telecommunications, media,health sector,online education, internet banking and social media.


It is an obvious fact that since the lockdown began in Nigeria, there has been increase in telephone and data usage by Nigerians. In maintaining social distancing, more people now engage one another through phone calls,SMS  instead of physical communication. As a matter of fact,lot of people now buy data in order to use the internet for fun and business. Plus and minus,this is a blessing for the telecommunication companies as the demand for their services have now increased.


On the contrary,the media industry have now gained surge as more people now demand genuine and accurate news on Coronavirus. In short, individuals whose job has been put on hold as a result of the lockdown are now very inquisitive to get updates on when they would resume work.

Health sector

Nigerian health  sector which was nothing to write home about before, is now gaining massive attention. Both government and the rich elites are now investing in the medical sector because covid-19 has exposed the unimaginable.

Online Education

Following the shut down of schools due to Coronavirus,more academic institutions have now increase their online courses and academic learning.

Internet Banking

There is no gain saying that the demand for Internet banking has now increased. This is because the lockdown has made more  people to use their banking app for transaction.

Social media 

Finally, as Coronavirus has restricted people to stay at home, more people are now forced to use Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Whatapp just to keep themselves busy from boredom.


Onayemi Dayo Samuel (Greatd)




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