Breaking:Nigeria records 245 new cases of Covid:19

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Following the regular covid:19 updates  often  released  by Nigeria Centre for Disease and Control NCDC, on Twitter. Nigeria has recorded 245 new cases of Coronavirus. Below is the breakdown:

131- in Lagos ,16-Jigawa ,13-Ogun ,12-Borno, 9-Kaduna, 9-Oyo, 9-Rivers, 9-Ebonyi, 8-Kano ,7-Kwara ,5-Katsina, 3-Akwa Ibom,3-Sokoto, 2-Bauchi ,2-Yobe ,1-Anambra, 1-Gombe ,1-Niger, 1-Ondo ,1-Plateau, 1-FCT and 1 in  Bayelsa.

Meanwhile, the total is 7261,discharged 2007 and deaths 221. Coronavirus is a deadly disease that have infected over five million people in the world.


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